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Braze Visual Commands is a tool which allows you to simply and easily expose functions within your application which can then be executed at a press of a button (or a touch of a finger). These functions don’t have to be static, the system will automatically search for and execute any instance of the function that has been created.
Braze Visual Commands has been built from the ground up to support both Mobile and PC. It has a wide range of customisation options, to allow you to make it just right for your project.


  • Support for static and non-static functions
  • Full visual control of your commands
  • Category driven tree hierarchy means easy organization of your commands
  • Full customisation of size and position of both the Visual Command window, and the Visual Command open button
  • Over 120 different customisation options to tweak, displayed within project settings
  • Support for a 18 different parameter types to display within the Visual Command window
  • Default values for parameters supported
  • Specify custom ranges for parameters with the corresponding [VCRange(min, mix)] parameter attribute
  • Automatically disables itself on release builds (settings also exposed)
  • Secondary keyboard input support to execute commands
  • Ability to scale the UI to your liking with a exposed settings
  • Cross platform support (Windows, Android, IOS)


  • Over 120 different settings to tweak, defaults have been setup so you don’t have to change anything if you don’t want to
  • Options to change anchoring and positioning of the Visual Command window on PC, Mobile Landscape, and Mobile Portrait independently
  • Choose between two sizes of UI elements and even modify those sizes if you so choose
  • Customise all accent colours, even specify a colour per parameter type
  • Tweak the default minimum and maximum values for parameters
  • Change all keyboard keys used for secondary input to suit your needs