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Braze Tool Belt is an editor extension which allows you to simply and easily mark static functions in your application as a tool. These tools can be grouped into tabs, which are then displayed within the Braze Tool Belt editor window.
The tool belt has been created to make your development life easier within the Unity Editor. Common actions or processes you undertake can now be moved into the tool and be just one click away.


  • Simple and easy to use tool belt window
  • Tools are automatically gathered and displayed within the window on script recompile
  • Tools are separated into tabs for easy navigation
  • 3 Layout modes in the the tool belt window make sure you get the most of your available editor space
  • Over 20 different customisation options to tweak, displayed in the project settings
  • Modify the size of tools within the tool belt using a slider that you can set up to your liking in the Braze Tool Belt project settings


  • Over 20 different customisation options to tweak within your project settings, defaults have been setup so you don’t have to change anything if you dont want to
  • Braze Tool Belt has 3 layout modes, Horizontal, Vertical and Dynamic to make sure you get the most out of your available editor space
  • You have the ability to specify the name, tooltip, icon, and sort order for each tool within the tool belt
  • Full control over size and padding of tools within window