Black Hole Miner

Release Video


Have you ever thought about being a deep space miner? Well stop, because everyone and their mum is one nowadays.
How about a deep space miner hurtling towards a black hole? If that doesn’t scare you away, download Black Hole Miner and meet TX-22, your ‘friendly’ AI boss.


  • Ships – A selection of ships you can unlock and ultimately end up in a black hole with
  • Abilities – Each ship comes with a selection of abilities to unlock and choose from.
  • Skins – Each ship comes with a variety of skins to unlock, you know, so you can make your coffin look a little bit nicer
  • Upgrade – Each ship comes with stats you can upgrade to make your mining more efficient, or death a bit more prolonged
  • Asteroids – Different types of asteroids to choose from. Will you play it safe, or risk it all?
  • Continuation Rewards – Stay on a mining run and earn better rewards for each subsequent asteroid mined
  • Graphics Settings Control – Play on older devices or get the best quality out of your current device
Black Hole Miner is a free-to-play game but has optional in-game currency you can purchase. There are also optional ads, these are non-disruptive, shown at the player’s request, and always rewarded.